Nike Free Run Shoes

Nike Free run trainers are currently our best selling shoe and offer a high quality shoe that offers good arch support and will last longer than most. Available in a number of sizes, these are one of Nike’s most popular items and come with years of experience in designing sports shoes.

You can navigate our store using the menu on the left and browse the various colour options we offer in the Nike Free Run range. We aim to offer the best range of Nike Free Run shows in Ireland, combined with fast delivery and friendly customer service.

Choices And Running Shoes

One of the best things you can do for your running is choose shoes that work for you. There are plenty of shoes on the market to choose from and Nike understands that there is no one perfect shoe for everybody.

Of all the shoes that are on the market the Nike Free Run Trainers are the most versatile. Some people prefer a stiffer sole while others prefer a much more flexible sole Nike Free Run Trainers have both covered.

The Number System

Nike has developed a number system so that runners can choose the amount of flexibility they have in their running shoes. The barfoot running trend that is super hot among runners right now is one of the driving forces behind this range of running shoes but it is not the only force.

This unique numbering system allows the runner to choose a shoe that they feel comfortable with. The more comfortable you are when you are running the more enhanced your performance will be. The system starts out at 5.0 and works it’s way down to 3.0.

A Customized Run

You can customize your run by choosing from the Nike Free Run Trainers. For example the 5.0 offers a thicker sole which still offers a barefoot like feel. The 4.0 offers a thinner sole and more flexibility and the 3.0 is the closest to running barefooted with the most flexible sole and thinnest heal height.

Each shoe has threaded outer soles to give your foot a more natural stance and range of motion. Being able to customize your run will help with your performance and comfort during your run. The more comfortable you are when you run the longer you will be able to run.


Injuring your feet and ankles when you run is always a risk, shin splints can also be added to the list. Avoiding injuries can come down to the right pair of running shoes. Recent studies have determined that it is very probably the closer you get to running barefooted the more you may reduce your injuries.

Nike Free Run Trainers gives you the opportunity to choose the shoe that gets you as close to barefoot as possible while maintaining enough coverage to protect your feet. An injury free run is the way to go! Nike Free Run Trainers can help you get the most out of your run!

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