Overwatch New Patch Introduces Competitive Season 2 Changes

So, Overwatch’s Competitive Season 1 was just drawn to a close and although it was fun, there had to be some changes to the system.

One thing that players really dislike with the Season 1 of the competitive play is the skill rating. You see, when you win a match, you won’t go a skill rating higher; you will only get to it after winning 2-3 games.

Obviously, in a perfect world, that would happen. But, the game is imperfect and there are a lot of factors that may hinder you from winning straight games.

I’ve seen a couple of my friends getting stuck in the 40-50s bracket. They aren’t bad players, mind you. In fact, they are the best roleplayers I’ve ever seen. But the problem is that Overwatch is a team game and when a teammate is not doing his or her job correctly, it can spell doom to you as your rank will surely go down along with them.

In the recently released test patch, there are some amazing changes in the competitive ranked play. For one, the 1-100 skill rating system has now been changed to 1-5000. Secondly, the jump towards the next rank will be in whole numbers now as opposed to winning 2-3 games first before jumping a number.

And lastly, there will be a new skill rating tier similar to that of the Starcraft ladder system. You can now join these tiers (bronze, silver, gold, etc.) and once you’ve reached a certain tier, despite losing a lot of battles, you will still remain on that tier which is pretty awesome.

It would take quite a lot of tries (losses) before you drop out of the tier but once you reach the higher echelon, that is where the real fun begins.

Once you reach the top two tiers (namely Master and Grandmaster) and you fall below the minimum skill rating requirement, you will fall down a notch.

So for example, if you’re currently placed in the “Master” rank and you fell down in skill rating, you will be in the Diamond tier. But, the good news is that once you fall down back to the Diamond tier, that will now be your minimum tier and you will never fall back down in the first tiers ever again (well, until the season ends).

This provides a perfect avenue for people not to worry about their skill rating tiers and so that they can focus more on the game.

One thing you do have to note, however, is the skill rating decay that applies to the Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster ranks.

You need to be a bit more active than other people because once you do not participate in ranked battles for 7 days, you will start to lose your skill rating points.

And, it is not going to be forgiving as you will lose a total of 50 skill rating points every single day if you’re not playing in competitive matches for more than a week.

Still, these are welcome changes and I am really hoping that this will be a good change. If you want to try this out, this patch is currently available on the PTR.

To join, just fire up your battle.net application and then on the “Regions” drop down menu, select “PTR”. This patch is only available on the PC version of the game.

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